About the Library

This library houses a unique collection of Dr. Ba Maw’s writings and records, as well as the works and letters of others to document the life and times of this illustrious man. Dr. Ba Maw was not only the key figure in the development of an ideology and a strategy for Burma’s Independence, but was also one of the main implementors. Once scattered resources now give insight into Dr. Ba Maw’s ideas and hopes for his country after having been painstakingly collected by his family, who wish to facilitate access to such important information.

The Dr. Ba Maw library aims to:

  • locate and preserve Dr. Ba Maw’s writings, records, and personal archive.
  • illuminate Dr. Ba Maw’s life, times and history.
  • serve as the definitive source for information relating to Dr. Ba Maw.
  • provide access to these resources, and facilitate research by individuals and institutions.
  • inspire and encourage all who study his life’s work to have noble aspirations and lofty ideals.
  • promote patriotism and mindfulness of the masses, and thus perpetuate Dr. Ba Maw's legacy.